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Papers & Cones Pre-rolled cones come in a huge variety of sizes, paper materials, and use cases. Papers & Cones

The first step is to decide what kind of paper is best for your use case. We offer rolling cones made with bleached or unbleached paper, rice paper, or made with pure hemp. After you have selected the suitable paper material, consider getting some filling equipment to make bulk pre-roll production easier.

Also take a look at the wide variety of lighting options, including pure-isobutane lighters, or natural hemp wicks

These are a value-line of cones that compares to the Cones Brand. Cones brand of cones are popular with many smokers because they have a nice flavor and even burn. No matter what brand of cone you choose, Rolling Paper Depot only carries the highest quality products in the world. You can rest assured that all the pre-rolled cones we have in stock will suit your needs perfectly.

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