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Lions Gate is a mellow indica strain with a skunky aroma and long-lasting effects that radiate throughout the body. In defiance of indica stereotypes, Lions Gate provides an uplifting buzz conducive for focus and creativity. For growers cultivating this indica, indoor gardens flower in about 8 weeks. Buy Lions mane.

The growing science on how plant terpenes is fascinating. Plants give off a biochemical scent to protect themselves and communicate with the species.  We humans recognize that as the smells and flavors of cannabis strains, herbs, fruits, vegetables, etc. enjoys pairing food terpenes with matching marijuana strain terpenes. I suspect as recommendations for how to approach the 4:20 munchies of certain strains..A growing field is developing investigating how food terpenes can counterbalance adverse effects of cannabis toking, enhance the experience, and improve the effect on the body with food pairings.





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