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Buy Mario Carts Cookies online. Bred by Capulator, Miracle Alien Cookies (better known as MAC) crosses Alien Cookies with a hybrid of Colombian and Star-fighter. MAC is a gorgeous resin-covered flower with a dank, gassy musk and sour citrus highlights. The smooth flavors of MAC have thick zesty orange notes that are balanced out by floral accents and a sweet, earthy finish.

Buy Mario Carts Cookies online

This stuff is BOMB…definitely feels like more of an indica stuffs got me stupid trying to write this. Frosty and beautiful as hell..its skunk but citrus at the same time…tastes and smells amazing. My local dispensary gets this stuff about once a month and it always goes quick .I have be careful with certain strains giving me anxiety..absolutely no anxiety with this one,. Enjoy your carts (mario carts)

No matter how much of it i smoke..gets the couch lock tho FA SHO haha Love walking in and seeing a new batch of MAC on the shelf…surprise it’s not a more well recognize strain. I foresee a bright future for the MAC

Tried this strain in nor-cal and social and it was amazing both times. Very strong and intense high. Left me feeling very euphoric and relaxed. Helps a lot with pain. Try this strain in nor-cal and social and it is amazing both times. Very strong and intense high. Leaves me feeling very euphoric and relax. Helps a lot in reducing pain. with ultimateflower420

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