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Death Star


    Strain Name: Death Star
    Grade: A+
    Genetics: Sensi Star x NYC Diesel
    Type: Indica dominant hybrid
    Looks:I wanted to redo my review..this bud it gorgeous..vibrant dark and light greens completely covered in copious amounts of trichomes with dark orange hairs popping up here and there.
    Smell:Wow!!..this is a stinky girl..she reeks of sweet skunky goodness with hints of fuel coming thru..truly a gorgeous smelling girl…you wonn’t be able to hide her.
    Taste: She tastes just like she smells..on the inhale you get a nice sweet skunky flavor and as you exhale the slightly fruity fuel taste comes thru…amazing tasting bud.very hard to put down.
    Effects: 2-3 hours
    Potency: 10/10