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juicy fruit weed strain online Fire OG is a 60% sativa hybrid and it’s focused mostly on offering you comfort and an uplifting appeal. It has the diesel and earthy aroma from the White and it does help you get a very good set of results as a whole. The value on its own is very impressive here and the experience on its own is downright amazing. You will be able to use this as a treatment for appetite loss, glaucoma, pain, cancer and depression. It’s a very distinct and unique strain and one that will allow you to boost your health and make the most out of it for the long term. juicy fruit strain

juicy fruit weed strain

buy white fire og online , White Fire OG, also known as WiFi OG, is a 60% sativa hybrid with uplifting and comfortable cerebrally focus effects. Also , this strain combines the best features of its parent strains which are ,the sour, earthy, diesel . Aroma of Fire OG and the high resin production of buy quality white fire og kush online,the White that leaves the plants covered in a dusty snowfall of crystals. Further more , Many phenotypes of White Fire OG exist, some with dense, barrel-like buds and others with point, conic formations. ULTIMATEFLOWER420.COM
Daytime use of this strain won’t leave the consumer drowsy, making it a good choice for social and creative activities.
White Fire OG is often choose by patients to treat anxiety and depression, cancer, glaucoma, pain, and appetite loss. Growers of White Fire OG can raise their high-yielding plants outdoors or inside with a 65-day flowering period.

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21 reviews for Juicy Fruit

  1. Sean

    Bud was straight up amazing. Great value, great taste, great buzz.

  2. BILA

    A gourmands strain. Pale jade buds, with curly, woven strands of orange, and red reminiscent of a bird’s nest. A complex, and intoxicating scent, pine, oranges, pit fruit, mango, and lemon rinds leave the nostrils feeling clean, and refreshed. Another vape favorite, other than the cool lemon, and berry taste, when smoked Juicy Fruit can be a little acrid. High is warm, and easing but can get quite dizzy if you over indulge. While not as potent, this strain is very reminiscent of Cinderlla 99. While this feels fairly Sativa dominant, you’ll fall into some surprisingly good sleep if you get too comfortable. Great with movies, Mediterranean food, and70 degree weather.

  3. Laquita

    Fairly intense head high, with a pretty hard come down. Great for a long party then helping you crash after Waffle House.

  4. LESLY

    Very nice strain, really sticky buds, tight and compact, burned a nice long while.

  5. Litto

    It’s nice…reminds me a little of GSCs but more of it. It has a nice, mellow, ‘head heavy-ish’ feel to it but is still relatively even between head & body. It is a bit of a creeper. But unlike a lot of creepers, it comes on pretty strong at first and then, after about 5+ mins, it goes to a 2nd level which is all head. I like it. If I had to, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I had to smoke just this all the time.

  6. Robert

    This one of my favorites! Very smooth smoke, nice upbeat happy buzz. I ended up cleaning my house (not something I enjoy doing for sure) for 3 hours….. just a nice steady pace, not frenzied or rushed. I would pick up or clean something, go to move it to another room, and find something else that needed cleaning…. it was Awesome! Not only that, but at about 4 p.m. I realized I hadn’t eaten anything. So, this strain is great for NOT getting the munchies… which is nice for a lot of us! High last 3 hours…. crank up the music and let it move you!

  7. lee

    The flavor is a nice mellow smooth smoke with a slight sweet, earthy fruit taste to it. It’s not super overpowering, and for the most part it tastes like your normal everyday good ass weed. Not the best, but damn good for the price Bong rips are heady as hell, and the sativa side of this fruity hybrid shines through with a fat mouthful of the smoky stuff. Nice and relaxed with a creative uplifting buzz. If you finish a bong load to your head or two, you’ll definitely have the urge to wanna find a seat for your behind. Couch it, because you’re going to be too comfortable to move or the next hour or so. If you’re a recently new smoker, this should be a great strain to get your endocannabinoid system primed and ready for the top shelf 20% and more strains.

  8. tietjen

    Juicy Fruit is a definite favorite! I have some everyday at breakfast to wake up. It puts a smile on my face every time I open the jar and get a smell of this beautiful strain. If you like Sativa as I do then you will love Juicy Fruit. If you are a regular smoker (I actually vape) and you enjoy your cannabis all through out the day then this is one strain you can get accustomed easily. You will need to break it up with other strains in order to add some layers of variance. That is by no means to say this is not an incredible strain. Simply put, it’s extra nice to have around when you can mix it up in between others. Then again that could be said for most. No matter how you cut the cake Juicy Fruit lives up to the fun and flavorful name. It’s sure to leave you (or wake you) with a big smile on your face…

  9. Joe

    Great taste, gets you that nice living high not sleepy indica highs. But it’s a hybrid so you get a nice relaxed body euphoric and really really happy. Perfect for depression. Or for creative high or happy. I recommend it 10/10 gas!!

  10. Cabrera

    Great for anxiety!!! Leaves me feeling very peaceful and relaxed but not sleepy. Great for daytime or early evening.

  11. tasi

    Fantastic wake and bake … Especially if you were feeling a wee bit grumpy. You can’t hold back the automatic smile that this strain brings on. If you’re into euphoria (and who isn’t?) it’s your strain. This one was clear headed as well and made the day fly by in a fun filled way. I’d purchase it again, for sure … probably stock up, as well, which for me means buying more than an eighth.

  12. Jarvis

    Jeebus this girl delivers!! Very tasty, very pretty, and smells phenomenal!! I have been on the look out for really good tasting strains as of late and this is definitely one of the better ones! It did have a bit of a dizzy feel coming on, but quickly subsided and I felt very relaxed. Very recommended!!

  13. teevah

    Amazing strain 10/10. Very frosty buds, pungent smell, incredible high. This strain delivers intense euphoria and happiness. I found myself grinning wildly while looking for the first thing I could find to do. An active high, this strain leaves your body at peace and fuels creative tendencies. Acquired from a trusted source, would pick up large quantities if I had the chance.

  14. Ortiz

    Beautiful colorful buds with green, purple, and orange. This strain tastes great, and provides a nice calming high.

  15. Anne

    Lovely strain to smoke if your not after getting completely stoned out of your head! But I liked this I kept me nice and happy, and not a bit sleepy, but I like getting completely stoned and this did not provide that buzz but I would recommend it for newbie smokers

  16. Anthony

    Nice fruity taste unbelievable color inside the buds high’s last two to three hours would recommend for activity or sleepless nights

  17. Ortiz

    According to this strain contains 17.75% Calculated Active Cannabinoids and 15.39% THC ( It has a fantastic smell and taste reminiscent of the brand of gum it is named after. It also seems to not cause as much dry mouth as most strains this strong. It delivers a floaty, giggly, trippy high. Surprisingly upbeat for a 75% Indica hybrid (, it also has social qualities and would not be a bad idea to bring to a party.

  18. Douglas

    words, man. lots of em. making sounds from consonants and nouns that form syllables and then sentences that can become pictures in your head or dreams in your heart or can make the tears flow and become one more burden taxing your back and your soul. sometimes the sounds are laughter that rolls from deep in your belly or cracks you up because you are so fucking stoned that your weed review is about talking, be cause everybody is…..

  19. Bobbie

    I just smoked a joint of this. I can feel it behind my eyes right now. This strain just made me realize why I was first drawn to the Hybrids. One day I smoked a joint. After, I noticed that the high was somehow off. After talking to my cousin, he told me that it was most likely a Sativa. So from then on I stayed away from them. Then I saw the word Hybrid, I did not care how it was made. The flower had the look, the smell, and the word Sativa was not on it. Just recently I learned that Hybrids have Indica/Sativa percentages, and one can be significantly higher than the other. From being a teenager at the beginning of this story, to now being 24 and able to go to Dispensaries. Places were I can learn about cannabis, learn that a sativa by itself is not as much “FUN” but has great medicinal effects. When mixed with a Indica I can have the fun with the medicinal Bonuses. After smoking some Hybrids the people I live with started to tell me that my muscle spasms seem to be less frequent and violent while I sleep. Post-Seizure I like to have a straight Indica. The Headache makes me want to go to the hospital. The vomiting and body pain does not help. Indicas take care of that so i can just deal with the Headache without anything making it worse. The Strain will show up in one of these notes, but on an Indica Strain. Bye and thanks for reading. ” Happy Being Alive Day “

  20. pard

    This strain is one of the few strains that is simply Happy to smoke. Perfect for getting rid of anxiety, getting happy and hanging out with friends. Other than being happy the high is mellow with some very strong euphoria. Smells like Juicy Fruit, almost tastes like Juicy Fruit and is very pretty to look at. Decently Potent. One of the few strains I would buy a whole ounce of. 9/10

  21. Dustin

    This is probably one of the best strains of pot that I have ever had the opportunity to smoke. I myself am a huge sativa fan, I love the cerebral high this strain gives. I recently purchased an oz of Jesus OG which is really good too but, Juicy Fruit is a much more intense long lasting high. Like with most strains of pot you hit that high and it last for maybe 20-1hr (now keep in mind I am saying that the super portion of the high only last for so long before planing off and beginning it’s decline) however Juicy Fruit intense affects lasted up to 3hours and was a wonderful euphoric, positive, and motivating high. I would not recommend this strain to anyone other than people seeking a medical relief of pain, insomnia, fatigue, depression, cramps, muscle camps, and anxiety.

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