CBD Cannabis Cookies


CBD Cannabis Cookies are the most commonly used cannabis edible. However, at big smoky dispensary, the CBD Cannabis Cookies are tested, tried and their consumption in prescribed dosage does not cause the “highness” associated with weed cookies. It is prepared using chocolate, sugar, vanilla powder, eggs and 10 milligrams of CBD.



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The CBD Cannabis cookies are delicious as they are mixed with vanilla, sugar, and chocolate. They taste the same as normal chocolate cookies. This makes them easily ingestible. Big smoky dispensary has quality control measures, making sure each cookie has the same level of CBD. The CBD cookies can be used for their medical benefits, but also eaten just because they taste so delicious! buy cbd cookies. buy cbd cannabis cookies

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Our CBD Cannabis Cookies are one of the most sold cookies in Amsterdam, everyone loves the incredible taste of these cookies! The CBD cookies can be eating during day time or night time.buy cbd cannabis cookies

                    Buy cbd cannabis cookies


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