Gorilla Cannabis Cookies


These cookies are made from a combination of thin mint Girl Scout Cannabis cookies and gorilla glue. They have two contrasting properties; the relaxed thin mint aroma and the identically loud gorilla glue aroma. They have strong hereditary traits from their sources to make a perfect cannabis cookie. These strong traits are perfect for people who love the stronger cannabis flavor in their cookie.



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Buy Gorilla Cannabis Cookies from Cannabis big smoky dispensary from the official store! The cookies have Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Kush tastes combined. buy cbd cookies Such tastes represent agility, focus and nature in equal measures. On a fair ratio, the consumer is more energized after taking the cookie than he or she is calm. Are you planning to hang out with your friends? Buy Gorilla Cannabis Cookies and share them with your friends! buy cbd edibles

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The Gorilla Cannabis big smoky dispensary are free of THC, which means you can consume them without getting high. buy cbd cookies They might give you some euphoric happy feeling, but that will come from the cannabis terpenes that overwhelm your mouth. If you ever Gorilla Glue in the Amsterdam Coffeeshops, you will recognize the taste right away when eating this cannabis cookie. buy cbd edibles


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