Jungle Boys Wifi Mint


80% Indica / 20% Sativa 

THC : 26.73%

CBD : 0.01%


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Buy Jungle Boys Wifi Mint Strain

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Buy Jungle Boys Wifi Mint Strain

420 express wifi mints is a cross of Animal mints and white fire #43, buy wifi mints strain, wifi mints on Facebook, wifi mints 420 store online. Wifi Mints is a cross of White Fire 43 (bred by OG Rascal) and a Animal Mints (the same male Seed Junky Genetics used to create Wedding Cake). This is the third time we’ve grown Wifi Mints, and the second time we’ve included it in our main rotation. The aroma & flavor has notes of fuel, fresh mint, and classic kush.

It has a signature kushy exhale with added notes of mint & spice from it’s Girl Scout Cookies lineage. We like to think of it as an alpine themed kush variety. In my opinion, the high has more indica properties. For me, it delivers a very strong, thick, & relaxing effect. Not a particularly long-lasting high, but it delivers a strong buzz and works great as a muscle relaxer.

Buy Jungle Boys Wifi Mint Strain

Such an uplifting strain. Has me all smiles when I smoke a good thin mint, buy wifi mints strain. Very relaxing but not sleepy relax 420 express wifi mints. A nice good dense high that fades so well. This strain is like an Olympic gold medalist of highs. It really feels like a masterpiece. I would highly recommend this in large quantities. The kind of weed that will really spoil a smoker, i rather get it from wifi mints 420 store.

One word can really some up this strain… POTENCY. In oil form, this had me heavily sedated in the best ways possible. So damn strong that I can take two rips off the pen and be high as hell.


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