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Rainbow Kush Mints Strain Information

Most strains today struggle to deliver a tasty, potent, and refreshing smoking experience. Fortunately, the Rainbow Kush Mints strain boasts an incredibly delicious flavour and amazing effects. With Rainbow Kush Mint’s indica-dominant genetics and 22-25% THC potency, this Craft Collection will delight and excite!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Rainbow Kush Mints isn’t a strain you’re likely to see often. An indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Platinum Kush Mints with Rainbow Zkittlez, this strain is rare and special. This special breed is only grown in small batches by experienced cultivators due to its rarity and the difficulty involved in cultivation.

What is this strain like? For starters, this strain has an incredible bag appeal. Crack open a bag and you’ll notice this right away. Thanks to its indica-dominant heritage, the nugs themselves are chunky and dense. Additionally, a thick layer of frosty trichomes covers the surface to give this strain an extra minty look. Bright green in colour with some thin, orange hairs, this strain is as refreshing on the eyes as it is on the palette! While it’s predominantly green, some rare phenotypes will have a few purple weed hues!

Secondly, we’ll move on to the aroma. As its name suggests, this strain has an incredibly colourful and refreshing aroma. To start, its Rainbow Zkittlez parent strain delivers a sweet and fruity flavour that’s impossible to resist. Meanwhile, this sweetness is undercut with some minty freshness from Platinum Kush Mints and you have an out-of-this-world terpene profile!

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