CBD Chocolate Cookie


CBD Chocolate Cookies is one of the most sold cookies of all time in Amsterdam! The combination that chocolate and CBD brings is enough to trigger salivation. Each component has its importance: CBD has the medicinal and feel-good effect, while chocolate is associated with positive emotions.



The CBD Chocolate Cookies are made from flour, baking soda, vanilla, butter, salt, sugar (brown and white), distilled CBD oil, eggs, and walnuts. The amount of CBD should be considered with the levels on CBD one can consume in a day. At bigsmokydispensary, all the CBD ratios in our cookies are baked based on the industry set guidelines. Buy CBD Chocolate Cookie

Buy CBD Chocolate Cookie

The butter and the eggs in the ingredient make it softer than your normal cookie. The cookies have also been prepared in temperatures not exceeding 300ºF to avoid destroying the chemical component of the CBD. Our Chocolate is an elite ingredient in making cookies. The precision in baking is narrowed down to mixture volumes. The cookie design makes it appealing to people who would normally not take any cannabis-based product. Their size is small making it easy to carry and would pass as a normal snack. Contrary to other chocolate cookies, this one does not contain the THC compound. buy edibles online without medical card

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CBD Chocolate Cookies solves both the sugar cravings and the medicinal components. Other uses are for example: Improve the circulation of blood in the body. Boosts your mood and well-being. It improves the metabolic processes in the body. Reduces inflammation. Clears the digestive systems and rids it of any residues. Relaxes the body and works out fatigue. buy edibles online

buy edibles online without medical card


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